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Live stream

The opportunity to earn a professional credit, discovering the behind-the-scene work of the most important architecture firms, by means of new interpretation keys and tools for your daily professional practice.

Through its live streams, ISPLORA offers an immediate interaction with the world of architecture design, thus representing a tool for professional updating based on the exchange of knowledge and further elaboration.

Architects will have the chance to interact directly with the protagonists of the projects included in the section Our Films.
An additional opportunity for instant and engaging updating, allowing you to earn a professional credit.

Elaborating further while interacting

The Q&A sessions will allow professionals to interact with the architecture firms and the protagonists seen in the films, asking live questions and satisfying their curiosity. These live streams provide an opportunity for better understanding planning and material choices, clarifying building systems and technological details, unveiling the many different dynamics which underlie the architecture project.


The community

To stay in touch with us and be always updated on projects, materials and design also through our social channels.

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