“Our eyes are made to see shapes under the light; shadows and lights reveal shapes; cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders and pyramids are the great original shapes that the light reveals; their image appears clear, tangible, without ambiguity”.
Le Corbusier

A docufilm through the complexity of light and its multiple forms, in the narration of an expressive language giving consistency to the ephemeral through the search for continuous inspiration: the tension towards a process of knowledge and evolution.
The docufilm is presented as the reworking of a concept starting from its essence: a century after Mies Van Der Rohe's “Less is more”, the evolution of minimalism leads to the trend of design towards reduction, towards multiple solutions capable of interpreting the needs of the contemporary.

A point, a line, a surface: a light.

Three elements, gestures, compositional design choices, narrated by the voices of Mario De Rosa and Roberta Benassi, flanked by the large team of Vesoi group, in an excursus that shows a mélange of references to contemporary art and luminaires, the result of a selection of the kaleidoscopic production of the corporate compositional reality that makes culture, art and design fundamental ingredients of continuous research and reflection.

A point, a unique sign.
A light that emphasizes a moment in space, enhancing its shadows, highlighting the presence of an object, revealing the purity of a form. An encounter that narrates the very moment in which thought meets action, transforming a vision into a project, into an object, as interesting as the author’s ability to push imagination beyond boundaries.
One point, the essence of a light bulb. An idea hanging by a thread, suspended in the air between light and shadow.

A line, a path.
The sign of a “furrow of light” imprinted in space, the dynamic trace of a point in continuous evolution. A movement from one's personal perspective that is in fact unrepeatable, which tells the trait of a metal profile, an LED that does not ignore an ethical and moral component.
A line, a direction, the wall finally emerges from the anonymity of a passive recipient.
The ability to explore new horizons by proposing alternative scenarios, new processes, the expression of the highest quality and creating as much value as possible with fewer materials, considering the light among the technologies that will disappear in the walls.

A surface, a space for action and experimentation.
A continuous extension of its borders, landing on new technological and geographical territories. The push to and from three cities, Naples, Venice and Milan, three places of interaction and cultural exchange. Materials and processes that show experimentation and research projected forward, towards new material and perceptive solutions of Beauty, whose value is recognized.

Light sources that bring industry, craftsmanship and design (new craft) closer together, for a production free from the constraints of 20th century seriality, between innovation, 3D printers and new technologies, bringing the material to the limit, to interpret concepts such as versatility and adaptability, and thinking and acting with the aim of transmitting emotions, creating design objects that know how to communicate beyond the mere functional aspect, generating a relationship with future users.

“Light speaks to us, it is like a form of knowledge, of passion, it is a means of communication”.
Mario De Rosa


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