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Concealing, hiding, veiling, reinterpreting the space of the threshold as an almost invisible element. An itinerary through the matrix of thirty years of experience in the design and production of counter frames, almost immaterial shapes and thicknesses.

The “treasure chest” of knowledge in the conception, design and construction of retractable sliding doors.


A laboratory, that of doing, capable of rethinking the architectural space of transition through research and experimentation, technology and listening. A listening made up of relationships and connections, where the demands of contemporaneity, from man to the market, take shape in ever new proposals, products and solutions.

A production process capable of reading and translating the needs of a fast and changing society.


An exploratory path capable of investigating the opening and closing devices of space, three-dimensional catalysts of movements, displacements and episodes. A journey from the single element to its insertion within the project: counterframes, sliding doors, doors, armored doors.

Spatial gears capable of defining the dialogue between the inside and the outside, thresholds of living as spaces of tension, safety and protection.

Passing through

An action, that of "passing-through", which measures space and time, discovering the interaction between different dimensions: that of the passage of time, between present research and future perspectives, and work on comfort, intercepting quality and well-being.

A way of living, an opening to life, in a contemporary vision that is attentive to design and size.


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