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Trailer Open House

Not eligible for AIA CES Credits

Open House Rome and Turin is part of the Open House Worlwide network, an international organization with headquarter in London, where the project took shape in 1992. 

Open House is an annual event that takes place during a weekend, celebrating design and architecture in various cities, offering the opportunity to learn about new architectures and their designers.

During Open House, everyone can take part in the hidden beauty of their city and consequently understand the value of good architecture for society.

The film conveys 4 examples, including two in Rome and two in Turin, where architects opened the doors of their houses giving the opportunity to create a direct dialogue between designers and visitors. Despite it is always a common destination, houses have very different configurations, concepts and approaches.

This interesting diversity makes us better understand the true value of the interior design and customization not only in terms of the geolocation and spontaneous cultural contamination, but also - above all – the importance of the designer and user who benefits from it.

Educational objectives

  • During the course you will be able to explore the design processes in situations that differ from each other but with a common destination that is the housing one
  • You will learn how to approach the project mainly in existing scenarios, analyzing in further depth the constraints and the solutions introduced without neglecting the needs of the Client
  • You will understand the designers' reasons behind their interior design choices and the importance the use of the color has
  • You will improve your knowledge of all the possible applications of finishing elements for interiors, both with traditional techniques and materials as well as the experimentation of new materials


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