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The lesson highlights, through the overview of the Schiattarella Associati studio, some relevant themes of the design and organizational work.

In particular, during the Talks to emerge is the necessary process of internationalization of the studio, opening up to new markets and territories, the work carried out for the competitions and the different approach to the client, with the tools of the profession and with the context. At the center of the Schiattarella Associati studio’s proposal there is the search for "identity" and the idea of "an architecture made for a place", interpreting the uniqueness of a piece of the territory through the project.

A path that starts from the continuous growth of the studio, a rich generational dialogue between different references and sensibilities. From this amalgam what becomes evident is the "sense of social responsibility of the architect", the professional commitment that is also a civil commitment within an approach to experimental architecture and free from constraints.

A modus operandi that addresses all aspects of the complexity of the project through the awareness of the professional role by means of a constant attempt to control the "empty space" which translates into a conscious language, where the essential signs aim to reconnect with the roots of the place, dialoguing with matter and light.

A process that is actually a very precise methodology, based on the "intention" of the project and on a "probabilistic" process, which proceeds by continuous approximations without predefined elements.

Within this trajectory the various projects of the Schiattarella Associati studio constitute at the same time the backbone of the practice and the space for experimentation, both compositional and methodological: from the MoMRA (Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs) to the Addiriyah Art Center in Riyadh, up to the works for the Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología in Rome or for the La Spezia waterfront. Public spaces and buildings, as in the case of the square in Vacone in the Province of Rieti, which listen to the landscape and the needs of the users.

Finally, the lesson ends with the future perspectives of the profession, facing the issues of the environment and internationalization highlighting some aspects and phases of the work that go in the direction of an ever more "concerted" process.

Educational objectives

  • You will discover a possible model of internationalization both of the architect figure and the job organization through the themes and experiences of the Schiattarella Associati studio
  • You will heighten your knowledge on the architect’s role, his civil and social responsibilities, the themes of design practice and compositional experimentation
  • You will get to know the method proposed by the Schiattarella Associati studio based on continuous field redefinitions, without preconceived elements and on the close link with the place in which it is designed
  • You will understand the choices, the tools and the project material through the architectures realized by the studio with different functions, objectives and needs


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