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Trailer Between nature and material

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The lesson opens with architect Stefano Pujatti’s biography and formation also with the contributions and influences of masters such as Gino Valle, Aldo Rossi and Manfredo Tafuri, to name a few of the IUAV school, up to the meeting with the American deconstructivist school of Gehry, Morphosis and Coop Himmelb(l)au, with whom he collaborated.

References that are rooted in other "cultural universes", in the world of art, from abstractionism to poor art.

The lesson of the architect Stefano Pujatti of ELASTICOFarm

Going through the origins of his professional activity, the lesson develops the themes of the design practice with an insight on the aspirations and the method. An approach based on the relationship both with the time of the project and the idea, a relationship that explains the careful work of drawing and of elaboration of physical models to develop the architecture. An architecture that is often filtered and mediated, based on listening and on the dynamism of the project, an "elastic".

The main themes of ELASTICOFarm’s design activity put light on a double prospective. On the one hand, we can find the relationship between nature and buildings, especially on the opportunity of treating natural phenomena as a design element and on the other hand the materials as structural and decorative elements.

These themes take shape thanks to the various creations of the studio which highlight the constant research and experimentation conducted by the architect Pujatti, a compositional work that looks at the development of spaces, the functions, the materials used (brick, stone, concrete and wood) and at the technological solutions used.

Examples that may become an opportunity for the listener to learn, references for everyday use or influences for rethinking of a profession, for an architectural research closer to contemporary themes, to the environmental issue, and for a laboratory on which to build an idea of the future. 

Educational objectives

  • You will get to know both the educational and the work experience of the architect Stefano Pujatti, focusing in particular on cultural, architectural and professional references
  • You will appreciate, by means of a review recounted by the architect, the practice, the method and the design research of the Elastico Studio, in Italy and abroad
  • You will understand the relationship between climate change and the built environment, looking at natural phenomena as design elements, through examples and achievements of the ELASTICOFarm studio and the research of architect Pujatti
  • You will learn the relationship between materials, structure and decoration, focusing above all on brick and stone materials, through the studio's conceptions


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