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The Antinori Winery is an extraordinary example of architecture which is a symbiotic with the landscape, the anthropomorphic one of the hills marked by the vine espaliers in the Chianti region, becoming one with the phases and processes of wine production. A technological and geomorphological experimentation, that suggested by Archea Associati, a connection to the land and its fruits, which takes shape through the mimesis of the project in the context, an attention to nature and uses. 

A hypogeous architecture, therefore, simple and monumental at the same time. Where materials and competences are at the service of a state-of-the-art building in terms of technology, recovering the earth’s energy, without dispersing it.

The film moves directly through the words of the protagonists, narrating the design and building of one of the most evocative projects in Italy in the first person. The film retraces the most significant design and executive phases which led to the creation of the new headquarters of the Marchesi Antinori winery, built in Bargino di San Casciano Val di Pesa, about half way between Florence and Siena.

Through the contribution of the protagonists, the motivations and conceptual reasons behind the choices made are illustrated, also describing the difficulties encountered, the choices themselves and the technological challenges.

A production place is thus born, dug inside the hill, inside which the sacredness and complexity of tradition emerge, as well as the wine heritage of an entire territory.

Educational objectives

  • You will learn about building site selection processes, the history of the project and the relation between landscape, architecture and wine production
  • You will understand the reasons behind the urban and distributive design of the Antinori Winery
  • You will delve into the topics related to natural energy resources in the new building, such as bioclimatic design and methods to improve the efficiency of indoor spaces to favor sustainability
  • You will improve the knowledge of potential applications of custom-made building elements and traditional materials revisited in contemporary projects


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