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Teaser Earth, traces, time: Winter

A project over time, on the territory, in the Langhe.

Following the seasons, framing changes and returning evolutions, narrating places and architecture, culture and work, nature and artifice.

By identifying phases and moments, themes and elements that characterize the Langhe landscape along this path, starting from winter, from the beginning, from the construction site.

Nature and man, morphology and architecture, tradition and production that share the same land over time.

Moving from the landscape, from the material and immaterial heritage, to enter a story that establishes a continuous parallelism between the territory and its construction, between the reading of the landscape and that of an architecture that takes shape.

Intertwining stories, systematizing the phases and elements of the project with the archetypes that distinguish the Langhe area.

The soil, the composition of the land, acts as a counterpoint to the place, to the site, where a new factory will rise, projected into the future.

Natural and artificial infrastructures emerge from winter, highlighting geometries and functions: trees and rows, settlements and headlands. The structure of the building is made up, the beams and pillars take on a natural appearance, the deck of a vine, the territory and its culture that enter inside.

Designing in the landscape, with the landscape.

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